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A couple of "test" images from my first batch of films - shot with the Pentax 67. I am enjoying the format just as much as the camera itself and the portra tones complement the two just wonderful. Looking forward to developing the next batch.

Celtra Product Portraits

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Some time ago, I shot a couple of quick portraits for the Celtra 2013 Yearbook. Our CPO Matevž Klanjšek came up with a fruity/hipster/blank face idea. Everyone was supposed to choose his own fruit/vegetable and use it as a prop in a hipster styled portrait. The results were quite funny. Thanks Andrej Venta for taking my pic, beeing a great assistant and thanks to all my coworkers for being patient while on the hot chair.

Purple World

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Since I came across a series of photographs INFRA by Richard Mosse, which was shot with Kodak Aerochrome, I wanted to try this interesting film. Because Kodak discontinued the film, there was nowhere to buy it and it had ridiculous prices on Ebay.
Last year for my birthday I got 5 rolls of Lomography LomoChrome Purple from my girlfriend. This film is said to be similar to Aerochrome, so I was very excited to test. I shoot a roll a while back without any filters just to try it out. Finally got it developed and the results I got are quite interesting. Given that I had not used any filters some of the pictures look a little overexposed. 

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse was built in the 19th century to guide the ships sailing along the Pacific Coast. It is supposed to be one of the oldest and tallest lighthouses on the American west coast and is still an active aid to navigation. In 2001 a piece of the lighthouse’s upper course iron belt broke and crashed to the ground. Since then the public tours of the lighthouse have been suspended. A restoration project of the entire lighthouse is under way, but it might take time before it is fully restored.
Our stop at the lighthouse was short, but in the gloomy weather the site looked like something from the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, with Cthulhu hiding under the reefs surrounding the lighthouse - who would want to miss something like that!
If you are ever driving along the California coast (south of San Francisco), I strongly suggest you make a stop and take in the sights. 

Fuji X100s first run

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I personally love analog cameras or rather shooting with them. It gives you a feeling that no digital camera can compare with. You take more time for the shot because deep down you know, you are paying for every roll you shoot and in my case also for the developing and scans of the roll. There is also the profound feeling when you get your scans back and you see them for the first time ... for someone who doesn't know this feeling - it's something like the Christmas morning, when you open your presents.
That is why I value film photography more than digital. It gives me more satisfaction to shoot with and the reward when you get the shot just right is tremendous. 

When I came to San Francisco and were surrounded with all these new things, people, places, I shot about 6 rolls a week. But when it came down to the developing, scanning and buying film, I was paying around 150$ dollars a month. That was much more than in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where I used to live. I wanted to buy a scanner and chemicals, but had no place to develop on my own. So instead, I went back to digital. Yes, digital. Well it's not that I don't shoot film anymore, it's just so expensive here.

I bought a FujiFilm X100s. A slick and quick digital rangefinder. It wasn't cheap, but in the long run, I think it will be worth it.

FujiFilm did a great job and packed a DSLR like picture quality, hight speed and amazing high ISO performance in a light and compact body.  I am more than satisfied with the purchase and here are some of the shots from the first run.